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Rocky Look-Out onto Yellowknife Bay

At the southern edge of Tin Can Hill are rocky faces providing a vista of Yellowknife Bay and Great Slave Lake. The ancient bedrock surface is lined and smooth, providing adequate grip to walk on it safely when dry. Viewed up close, the rock is stained with hardy lichen that form abstract patterns in orange and black, interwoven within patterns of low growth vegetation.

I visit this place in all seasons, and would like to see it preserved. There are many other people who go there as well as well; city planners should appreciate the intrinsic value offred by this place when considering its disposition.

Photos and narrative by MJ Brown

Winter Look-out Winter Look-Out

Winter visit to the same spot on Tin Can Hill.


View of Yellowknife Bay.
Rocky face
Lichen covred outcrop on Tin Can Hill
Colourful leafy plant growing on rocky surface, Tin Can Hill
"Colourful leafy plant growing on rocky surface, Tin Can Hill"