Hello and welcome,

TinCanHill.org is a postcard style, visual display of natural, rocky reserves in the downtown Yellowknife area. The present focus is Tin Can Hill. Through imagery and narratives, we want to generate awareness of places on the hill that people feel are important, which they want to see conserved.

This page may enable municipal architects to become familiar with such places, so they can appreciate what is there; then, in the preplanning phase of any construction project, to consider paths, trails, rock formations, landscape vistas and special niches and valued greenspace components that should remain unobstructed and natural.

This web portal is in no way political, partisan or wanting to lend itself to controversy; we desire only to express ourselves as stewards of the hill, wanting to avoid disruption and loss of recreational places we value.

We don't solicit local advertising since we consider this to be the life-blood of community printed media ventures. Instead we support the page financially through affiliate marketing ads and personal funds.

Mike Brown


Do you have any Tin Can Hill photographs, picture scans or written materials you'd like to publish here? Maybe you have suggestions for this page, or you'd like to get involved in webpage development and publishing. Please let us know by sending an email.